About Us

Nova plasma is a privately-held Israeli company, developing an innovative plasma platform technology for various medical applications.

Nova’s mission is to make implantable devices super hydrophilic and super clean, at the point of use, directly before implantation, with its proprietary plasma surface activation technology.

Management team


Ronen Lam, CEO, Co-Founder: MBA from Tel Aviv University. Fifteen years of experience in business development and managing director roles. Co-founder of IonMed, a company developing cold plasma tissue welding device.

Amnon Lam, CTO, Co-Founder: M.E., B.Sc., nuclear engineering. Amnon has 10 years of experience in plasma process development, including R&D management at Tower Semiconductors & Intel. Prior to Nova, Amnon was CEO (and co-founder) of IonMed, a company developing cold plasma tissue welding device.

Chen Porat, BD, Co-founder: 20 years of management experience, managed several medical device and biotech companies and co-founded three life science companies; BA economics & MBA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Aviad Harhol, System engineer, MSc in Biomedical engineering, B.Sc. in electric engineering. Aviad has a strong background in electronics and electrical systems.

Eliezer Fuchs, electronic specialist
Co-founder of Medischarge Ltd., a company developing a platform technology combining electrical discharges which dismantle the roots of a treated tissue. Eliezer is a qualified Electronic Engineering, with 30 years’ experience in electronics and IT.


Dental Surgery


Ilan Preiss, BCHD, Cosmetic dentistry expert (UK / Israel). One of the first dentists chosen by 3M to beta test and lecture on the Chairside Oral Scanner

Eyal Tarazi, DMD
Dental implants expert. Director at the Center for Dental Implants, Hadassah Medical Center. Specializes in prosthodontics.


Plastic Surgery


Dr. Yoav Barnea, M.D
Director of plastic surgery services and breast reconstruction, Sourasky [Ichilov] Medical Center, Tel Aviv.