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Implants are used in a variety of medical applications, such as orthopedics, Spine surgery, Cardio vascular, Dental, and others. Wettability/hydrophilicity is a key feature of metal implants, improving implant osseointegration and long-term stability.  Plasma is well known for its surface activation properties, but the hydrophilic properties of implants tend to deteriorate between manufacturing date and the actual time of implantation.

Nova’s Active+ Plasma Capsule

Nova Plasma solves this problem with a new concept – The Active+ Plasma Capsule. The implant comes in a pre-packed disposable capsule, sealed and sterilized at the factory. In the operating room or clinic, the capsule is plugged into a desktop unit which activates the plasma process, surface treating the implant. After 30 sec the capsule is opened and the super hydrophilic and super clean implant is ready for implantation.

Nova’s first target market is Dental implants, a dynamic and growing market. Additional markets include Spine surgery and Orthopedics, and plastic surgery.


XPS Tests: Improvement in All Parameters
Design: 8 implants were measured before and after activation.


in carbon levels



in oxygen levels



in titanium contents



Active+ provides an optimal solution for both the dental clinician and the implant manufacturer:

  • For the dentist, it offers a super hydrophilic implant, at an affordable price. The activation is simple, fail safe and fast, and minimal desk space is needed.
  • For the dental implant manufacturer, it offers a premium implant with significant added value. Active+ is a closed system that ensures that only implants packaged and sterilized at the production plant can be activated.
  • Active+ surface activation can also be applied to other applications, such as Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Implants, Bone graft and Plastic Surgery (silicone implants).

The Benefits of hydrophilic implants

  • Average healing time reduced by 50 %
  • Improved implant anchoring
  • Higher success rates in complex cases
  • Reduced post implant surgery complication rates
  • May reduce need for longer implants

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